Yelduz Indoor Ice Fishing Tournament

Saturday, February 19th, 2022

Doors open at 6 pm, Fish at 7 pm weigh-ins at 9 pm 

Over $1,500 in Cash and Prizes 


  • Must buy a Shrine Fishing License that has a specific identification number. You’ll also receive 25 lures.
    • Licenses are $25 apiece and are non-transferable, and include a BBQ Meal
    • Tables of 8 can be purchased for $200 and each angler will receive 50 lures and a meal 
    • You may buy additional lures for $1 each or 25 for $20
  • You’ll place your lures in one of the 75 holes (buckets) you would like to fish in. You may fish all of your lures in one hole or spread them out over several holes.
  • Once the tournament starts, we’ll draw a hole that has a fish at least 1 minute.
  • Once the active hole is drawn, we will draw out one of the lures. If your number is called you must report to the hole, with your license, before the next active hole is drawn
  • When you arrive at the hole, you’ll draw a card which indicates the weight of the fish
    • Aces are 1lb, other weights equal numerical value in the card, all face cards are 10lbs.
    • Jokers are a missed fish
    • Tagged fish win special cash prizes
  • You’ll then clip your card to your stringer (lanyard)
  • At the conclusion of the tournament at 9PM you’ll turn in your stringer and the weights will be calculated
  • The top 3 weight totals will be paid out
    • $400 for 1st
    • $200 for 2nd
    • $100 for 3rd
  • There will also be prizes for 1st fish caught and most fish caught
    • $50 for 1st
    • $100 for most


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***Proceeds to benefit the Yelduz Race Team and are not deductible as taxable donations***



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