Yelduz Units

Air Patrol

Bruce Likness, PP



We assume the unit started in the 1920s or 30s. The Chanters have members from many South Dakota communities. They furnish special music for church services, parades, celebrations, and many other events all over the northeastern part of South Dakota and southeastern part of North Dakota. They entertain with the intention of spreading the word about the purpose of the Shrine and the work we do with Children’s orthopedic and burn hospitals. The Chanters look forward each year to the singing fellowship with other Shriners from SD, ND, MN, WI, IA, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada at the annual Midwest summer session. The Yelduz Chanters are the recipients of the 2008 MSCA Gold Rating.


Meets every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. except during January and February.


David Arlt

Chef Unit

Alan Grupe, PP

Classy Wheels

Tim Hosley

Foot Patrol

The foot patrol was the marching unit of the temple. They are looking to revive that part of the club but need some younger guys who like to march. Besides marching the Foot Patrol host a bingo tournament every year and a top your own potato feed. Even though they do not march as much anymore, they still participate in parades by driving an airplane tug they converted into a miniature firetruck.


Look into joining one of the oldest and most respected units in Yelduz.


Doug Miller – President


This unit serves as the Public Relations arm for the Temple. It assists the Potentate at his request to provide and operate courtesy cars at Shrine functions, visit members who are hospitalized, bedridden or confined to nursing homes, assisted living or other elderly care services, and promote Shrinedom and interests of the Temple. They operate the jewelry case in the lobby of the Shrine Center for meetings and ceremonials.


Meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Flame on Main Street in Aberdeen.


Joe Juve PP – President


Provost was originally formed to provide security for Shrine events, especially the circus. They currently have 10 members. They have several fund raising events – turkey shoot, craft show and bake sale.


Meets the first Thursday of every month.


Chris Arment

Racing Team

This unit was started in 2007. The goal of the race team is to just have fun. We have a Super Stock Car that we run in parades all around the area. Other than attending as many parades as we can, the race team also hosts two bean bag tournaments over the winter and also an indoor ice fishing tournament. We are one of the fastest growing units and would love to have you join. We are always looking for new ways to have fun.


Meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Shrine Center in Aberdeen.


Terry Larson – President


The Road Runners unit was started Nov. 3, 1991, for the purpose of transporting patients to and from the Shriners’ Hospitals. They have a a fundraiser at the Shrine Center every fourth Sunday of the month, serving all-you-can-eat pancakes, eggs and sausage. Every Shriner is welcome to join the unit.


Meets the fourth Sunday of every month after pancakes.


Lester James – President


Meets the first Sunday of February, May, August & November.


Lee Kleinsasser

Wrecking Crew

This units purpose is to assist the Potentate and Directory of the Temple in handling of the Second Section initiation and other Shrine Center Activities. This unit is the official host of the annual Luau (dinner and dance).


Meets the fourth Monday of every month.


Jerry Rekow

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