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Aberdeen Shrine Circus

Aberdeen Shrine Circus

This year we are very excited to announce we have partnered with Circus United to bring a whole new show to the area, the Yelduz Shrine Circus of Thrills! This year’s show will feature a whole new slate of acts that are designed to keep the excitement level turned up to 11. Along with the high energy acts like BMX stunt riders, motorcycle riders, trapeze artists and way more; you’ll also enjoy some of you favorite animal acts like performing bears, dogs, and America’s only performing pigs, and of course everyone’s favorite the circus elephants! We’ll see you this year at the all new Yelduz Shrine Circus of Thrills!

Show Times:

  • Thursday, April 18th – 4pm & 8pm
  • Friday, April 19th  – 4pm & 8pm
  • Saturday, April 20th  – 11am, 3pm, & 7pm


  • Get your advanced tickets at Ken’s, Kessler’s, and The Shrine Center
  • Adult advanced tickets are $12 or you can get them for $15 at the door
  • Kids 12 and under are FREE thanks to our area supporting businesses